1. It’s now been 4 months since Toronto Street Fashion.blogspot.ca is up and running!

    It all started with my sister (Lian)’s fascination with film cameras. She started collecting them a few years back and they were starting to collect dust on our shelf.

    And have you ever had that moment, when you see this person walking on the street, wearing this amazing outfit, and would just like to go up to her and say ‘Hey! love your style’, or find a way to remember what a character he/she was?

    So finally,  Lian decided to just go and ask them! why not. and take photographs so we could show the world how eclectic and original fashion can be, when people take it in their own hands and make it their own.

    I wanted to take part in it as well, but being shy as I am, I took the easy way and while she is running around the city, looking for people, I sit patiently at home, waiting for the films to develop, so I can doodle some of them!

    We usually post new photos and illustrations once a week, so bookmark us, share us, help us spread the word about  ‘Toronto Street Fashion .blogspot.ca’!


    thanks guys!

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