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    I’ve been too busy with book projects to post any new illustration, so here’s a book cover concept I worked on back in 2013. Unfortunately, it didn’t get picked.

    The story was about a girl who’s into cooking….so me!

  2. A test for a book cover that didn’t get picked. I would like to colour this one eventually.

  3. ink on paper

    last of my Shohei Imamura sketches, from “Vengeance is Mine” 1979

  4. ink and crayon sketch from the movie “The Pornographers” 1964, by Shohei Imamura

  5. sketch from Shohei Imamura’s “Intentions of Murder’ 1964

  6. Another ink and crayon illustration of Shohei Imamura’s “The Pornographers”

  7. Korean teens at the St-Lawrence Market basement bulk store.

    If you haven’t been there and live in TO, you are missing out! Don’t forget the orange cranberries, they are to die for!

    (ink on paper, coloured with pencil crayons)

  8. "…the carp jumped…" ¬†from Shohei Imamura’s ‘The Pornographers’ 1966

  9. A glimpse at an adorable story I had the chance to illustrate back in 2013 “Une Mamie en Or!”.

    thanks to Mouchet Klutt and Cedric Ramadier, from Hatier Jeunesse.

  10. walked passed her this weekend.

    I changed the colours of her outfit, she was wearing all blacks.

    but I loved her simple features and sleek black hair.