1. And here is “Une Mamie en Or”, a small picture book I did in 2013 for Hatier(france). Really cute story written by Geraldine Collet.
    #illustration #PictureBook #grandmother #Hatier

  2. Just got this in the mail! I did this illustration for highlights magazine back in 2013. This one is part of “My First Highlights Magazine” series. A mini mag for mini kids. Cute format!

  3. Inking for an upcoming book

  4. I have a new book coming out this spring with Groundwood books!there will be a book signing in May. I will keep you posted on the date!!!

  5. This is me today…all day…I’m getting too old for late nights
    #illustration #comic #sketch #brush #ink #LateNight #hungover

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    I’ve been too busy with book projects to post any new illustration, so here’s a book cover concept I worked on back in 2013. Unfortunately, it didn’t get picked.

    The story was about a girl who’s into cooking….so me!

  7. A test for a book cover that didn’t get picked. I would like to colour this one eventually.

  8. ink on paper

    last of my Shohei Imamura sketches, from “Vengeance is Mine” 1979

  9. ink and crayon sketch from the movie “The Pornographers” 1964, by Shohei Imamura

  10. sketch from Shohei Imamura’s “Intentions of Murder’ 1964