1. Saw this awesome pair last week, at king and Sudbury in toronto. #illustration #ink #brush #skater #skateboard #dog #run #team

  2. Too busy with books these days to post anything. But here’s an old doodle I did a few months ago.

    I had just gotten a new brush and was testing it on those guys…

  3. My beanie fashion illustration is available now on my society6 shop.

    You can find it as prints and on a whole bunch of products like pillow cases, mugs, shirts, and iphone cases!


  4. lionstiles said: hey incase you didn't already know, your art was on the tumblr homepage. I really love your work -- definitely getting a print!

    wow! no wonder my mail got bombarded with tumblr notices overnight! mystery solved. 

    Thank you for the compliment!! I’ll make sure to keep my shop updated regularly.


  5. unexpectedhomo said: Are you by any chance planning to sell prints of the girl who loves cooking piece?


    I just decided to put the image up on my society6 shop!

    you can find products here: http://society6.com/QinLeng/Foodie-R2d_Print#1=45

    If there’s anything else, just feel free to drop me a line and I can easily put it up there!


  6. Hi!

    Since I have noticed a growing popularity for my illustration about the 'Foodie', I just decided to add this image on my society6 shop

    You can now have it as a print, on an iphone case, on a pillow, and a whole bunch of other products!

    If there are any other artwork you would want to see available as print, feel free to drop me a line!


  7. I’ve been extra busy with new picture books for 2014/2015.

    Here’s a peak at what I have been working on the last few months…

    This is for ‘What Would You Do If?’ with Owl Kids.

  8. Study for upcoming book #illustration #brush #ink #school #kid

  9. And here is “Une Mamie en Or”, a small picture book I did in 2013 for Hatier(france). Really cute story written by Geraldine Collet.
    #illustration #PictureBook #grandmother #Hatier

  10. Just got this in the mail! I did this illustration for highlights magazine back in 2013. This one is part of “My First Highlights Magazine” series. A mini mag for mini kids. Cute format!