1. a painting I did for a friend’s baby girl.

    (ink and watercolour on wood)

  2. 'Eve'

    Character study for an upcoming project.

    (ink on paper)

  3. #selfie #selfportrait hard at work #drawing #sketch #illustration

  4. some character studies for a possible project. (ink on paper)

  5. Some sketches for a new character I am working on , for a book series with Random House.

    Pretty excited about this one!

    I will keep updating with more images soon.

  6. This happened to me a couple days ago, while trying to catch my streetcar.

    The sudden realization that 1. I am aging  2.I need exercise

    (do listen to this song while looking at me running)

  7. It took me weeks to finish this 4 panels spread for the YOUPI magazine (France). Thanks Carole Gauthier, for always sending me such fun projects.

    I am super happy with the way this turned out.

    (pencil on paper, painted digitally)

  8. I will be working on this, this weekend.

    A 4 pages foldout spread teaching little kids how to cross the street safely!

    I really love when i’m given projects like this, allowing me to create a small town of my imagination.

    This one is for YOUPI magazine, in France.

    (pencil on paper)

  9. After the launch of my picture book “Norman, Speak!”, I’ve been lucky enough to work on another really exciting picture book wtih Groundwood Books.

    Here is a sneak peak at the work in progress! 

    This was an opportunity for me to try a new technique, using brush and ink. And I am reaaaally enjoying the rich textures.


  10. Read this little interview for my latest picture book “Norman, Speak!”, published by GroundWoodBooks, and out in store right now!

    Thanks Caroline Adderson (author of the book), for asking me to do this.