1. hi everyone! I wanted to share this really exciting news with you all.

    I am featured in this fall’s Canadian Children’s Book News magazine!

    Two pages on a wonderfully written article by Dory Cerny, taking a peak inside my brain and my tiny work space.


    (credit for the sweet photo taken by my extremely talented sister Lian!)-

    -by the way, you can get a copy here! they have super great insight on what’s new in the Canadian Children’s Book industry and other interesting articles-

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  4. Just found out that my picture book "Hana Hashimoto, the sixth violin”, written by Chieri Uegaki (Kidscanpress), has been nominated for The Governor General’s Literary Award!

    I am sooo honored and excited to be among such wonderful illustrators and authors! 

    I am walking on a cloud this morning and wanted to share with you guys!

    (P.S: for any of you curious to see more of the inside of the book, it’s available for sale at any book store and online stores!!)


  5. mortimerdrawingclub said: What pen did you use in the Norman video please? Thank you.


    In the video, I used the pentel pocket brush pen.

    I usually like to use that pen for quick sketches, but “Norman Speak” was illustrated using a nib and acrylic ink.


  6. This is a small video my sister and Groundwood books put together for one of my latest picture books: Norman, Speak.

    You can see me talk about my book, and do a quick doodle!

    (the book is available in all libraries and online stores)

  7. cutie seen by Trinity Bellwoods Park last weekend.

    (ink and watercolor)

  8. Here is another illustration for an upcoming picture book series (about 5 to 6 books) about Child Abuse.

    This one is ‘Never Give Up, a story about Self-Esteem’, written by  Kathryn Cole and published by Second Story Press.

    This one is also illustrated with brush and ink.

  9. here is a color sample of one of my latest picture books in the works:

    "Song for a Summer Night" , written by Robert Heidbreder, published by Groundwood Books.

    This is my first picture book where I’ve decided to experiment with brushes and ink ( I normally draw with pencil, or ink and nib ) and it was a real challenge to get used to this new technique, but I am so happy with the final result!

    More images to come soon.

  10. self portrait of me and Mark