1. cutie seen by Trinity Bellwoods Park last weekend.

    (ink and watercolor)

  2. Here is another illustration for an upcoming picture book series (about 5 to 6 books) about Child Abuse.

    This one is ‘Never Give Up, a story about Self-Esteem’, written by ┬áKathryn Cole and published by Second Story Press.

    This one is also illustrated with brush and ink.

  3. here is a color sample of one of my latest picture books in the works:

    "Song for a Summer Night" , written by Robert Heidbreder, published by Groundwood Books.

    This is my first picture book where I’ve decided to experiment with brushes and ink ( I normally draw with pencil, or ink and nib ) and it was a real challenge to get used to this new technique, but I am so happy with the final result!

    More images to come soon.

  4. self portrait of me and Mark

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  6. Sneak peak at a book series with RandomHouse #illustration #ink #ChildrenBook

  7. My #sister hard at #work #bed #ink #illustration

  8. A quick sketch to reflect on my current state of mind.

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  10. For those of you who wonder why I haven’t been posting much lately….well, my summer has been packed with awesome projects that have been keeping me busy, working endlessly.

    I am really excited to share a few samples of my latest picture book with Groundwood Books, “Song for a Summer Night’, written by Robert Heidbreder.

    These illustrations were done with brush and ink, and painted digitally.